So what's CANVAS SHAPE TOOL all about?

This tool is developed majorly for the HTML developers, who face problem while converting an artwork into HTML5 canvas.

You can find many other tools which can directly convert the artwork to HTML5 canvas, but there you would find many extra line codes like: for creating a circle, the actual code is "context.arc();", but the ready made tools will convert the same with many "context.quadraticCurveTo();".

There are situations where you need to animate a shapes and you find a lot of extra code generated from the readymade converter, now here this tool comes in picture, you can upload you image and do the tracing of your artwork work and you get your required code by clicking on the "view code" button.

While creating a shape you can also add multiple curves, lines, etc. and create your desired shape with your desired code.

Click on the 'view code' button and get HTML5 canvas code. we have provided the ready HTML canvas code with the elements like: line(width, color, stroke), curves, arc, quadratic curve, bezier curve, paths, rectangle, circle, fill styles, color fill, etc.

Here we have given an option of "view code" & "download code", which will help you to get the code easily.

How this tools works? Here are some ready artwork created from this tool